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Interested in joining the lab?

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Prospective Graduate Students  

Dr. Derricks will be considering graduate applications for students to begin in the Fall 2024 semester. She will be recruiting students for the Clinical Psychology program.


Please feel free to email her at if you have any questions about her research or the Clinical Psychology program at IUPUI.

What Is Dr. Derricks Looking For In A Doctoral Student?

- Previous research experience. If you have any previous research experience, be sure to describe this work in your application materials

- Research fit. What are your research interests and how do they overlap with mine?


- Someone who enjoys research. One aspect of graduate school that may set it apart from your undergraduate experience is the prioritization of research. If you're unsure about whether you enjoy research, I would strongly recommend getting involved in research opportunities before applying to graduate school. 


These are some of the key things I look for when I review applications. You can also find additional tips about the application process here:   

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Dr. Derricks would love to speak with undergraduate students who are interested in joining her lab. Please complete the inquiry form below and send it to her email address. She will be in touch soon! 

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